Galaxy Buds with S10

New iPhones may have bigger batteries due to bilateral wireless recharge

You may have read here on MacMagazine about an interesting feature that is spreading in the industry (Huawei, Samsung, etc.) and that should gain its space in the iPhones of 2019: the bilateral wireless recharge. What does that mean? Simple, just as you can today recharge an iPhone by placing it on top of a base compatible with the Qi standard, you can place an Apple Watch or the new AirPod case on top of the back of these future iPhones and recharge the accessories in one good.

Galaxy Buds with S10Galaxy Buds being recharged on the back of a Galaxy S10

The arrival of this feature is practically certain, since the most famous analyst in the world Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo, was the one who spread the news. And today he is back, with more information about the upcoming smartphones.

In a note to investors, Kuo said Compeq would be responsible for supplying the batteries; STMicro will be responsible for the delivery of bidirectional wireless charging controllers.

But the good news for us, end consumers, is that because of this new feature (bilateral wireless charging), iPhones should come with a bigger battery than the current ones – something difficult to see in new Apple products since, traditionally , the company optimizes other components (like chips) and ends up decreasing the physical size of the battery (but maintaining the same time of use).

According to Kuo, the battery of the successor to the iPhone XS Max (3,175mAh) could increase by 10-15%, while that of the successor to the XS (2,658mAh) would increase by 20-25%! The iPhone XR (2,942mAh) would be the least benefited, with a gain of up to 5% – however, taking into account that today it has the best battery / consumption ratio among all iPhones ever launched, it makes sense to prioritize the successors of the XS and of the XS Max.

Let the iPhones come with the best batteries ever seen! ⚡️?

via MacRumors