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New iPhones May Have Apple Logo Centered on Back

According to the Bloomberg, the new iPhones (which will be introduced by Apple this week) will have a subtle change at the back. Of course I'm not referring to the triple camera system that looks like a cooktop (this is far from β€œsubtle” after all), but rather the company logo.

In a publication in which he recaps the possible news that will be announced at tomorrow's special event, Mark Gurman stated that, unlike current handsets, the logo will be centralized. Why? Because of the reverse / bilateral charging feature, we can recharge accessories such as AirPods, Apple Watches, smartphones and more (as long as everything is compatible with the Qi wireless recharge standard).

The idea is that the Apple logo serves as a guide for users, indicating the exact location where you should position the device to be recharged.

In addition, Gurman said what we are more than used to hearing: the company launched three new iPhones, two Pro models (replacing the XS and XS Max):

These handsets will have three cameras at the rear for wide angle photography, high resolution images and much improved video recording. There will be new artificial intelligence features to automatically fix photos, put people back in a frame when they were cropped, and edit live video while it is being recorded. Apple will also rival Google Pixel phones, focusing on improving photos taken in low light environments. The Face ID camera will also receive an update, allowing people to unlock the phone even if it is on a desk.

He also commented that the successor of the XR comes with two cameras (basically as we have today on the XS and XS Max iPhones) and new colors; As for Apple Watch, the biggest news would even be new models made of titanium and ceramic, and new bracelets the rest would be software news, such as possible sleep monitoring, new dials, Siri news and more.

Gurman, as we know, has great sources within Apple and the company's supply chain. So we can practically take for granted the news commented by him.

via MacRumors | image: Ben Geskin