New iPhones have 4GB of RAM and up to 25% bigger batteries

New iPhones have 4GB of RAM and up to 25% bigger batteries

Since the new iPhones were launched, many have questioned the amount of RAM that the devices have and what are the real gains in batteries devices. Well the MacRumors investigated and found the answers thanks to Apple records made with the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA.

It is worth mentioning that Apple registers several products every year at the agency and, obviously, this content has no reason to be false – using this very same source of data, we knew such information from the iPhones X, XS, XS Max and XR, for example .

But then, let’s get down to business. Here are the battery capacities and amount of RAM of the new devices:

ModelBattery (mAh)RAM
iPhone 113,110mAh4GB
iPhone 11 Pro3,046mAh4GB
iPhone 11 Pro Max3,969mAh4GB

Below, the model numbers for 2018, for comparison:

ModelBattery (mAh)RAM
iPhone XR2,942mAh3GB
iPhone XS2,658mAh4GB
iPhone XS Max3,174mAh4GB

That is, the gains in 2019 in battery were 5.7% on iPhone 11, from 14.5% on iPhone 11 Pro and incredible 25%(!) on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

TENAA database with information about the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Although it is a registration with a Chinese body and that, there, iPhones have some particularities (such as, for example, the use of two physical chips instead of an electronic one), battery and RAM were never part of the components which Apple changes from region to region.

It is worth noting that the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was leaked by a Foxconn employee in mid-August – along with other accurate information such as device names, iPhone 11 colors and more.

The 4GB of RAM for the entire line also 2019 is something that is consistent with some results of benchmarks that have surfaced on the web in recent days. Much has been discussed, however, about the possibility that the iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have more RAM than the entry model (6GB, to be more exact) – even because of a possible greater need due to the third camera – , but everything indicates that this information is not correct.

We will know more about this when the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are properly disassembled by iFixit, but the data above, as we said, has everything to be true.