New “iPhone 8” Mockups Highlight “Real” Dimensions and Even a Concept for iOS 11

Here we go, once again, surf the wave of mockups of “IPhone 8” ("Edition", "X", "Pro" or whatever the name of the next device) that web eager people love to do and we love to see.

To make a chorus and contribute to the latest leaks from the next iPhone, the site iDrop News He took schematics of the possible actual dimensions of the device, which even cover a heavier body. According to the website, the new iPhone has 143.5 × 70.9 × 7.5mm (to have a new one, the iPhone 7 has 138.3 × 67.1 × 7.1mm).

Mockup of Possible dimensions of the iPhone 8

From these numbers, they created a mockup to demonstrate what these dimensions would look like compared to iPhones 7/7 Plus.

Mockup of Comparison between iPhone 7, “iPhone 8” (mockup) and iPhone 7 Plus
Mockup of Comparison between iPhone 7, “iPhone 8” (mockup) and iPhone 7 Plus

They also took the opportunity to compare the dimensions of the supposed device with Samsung's newest releases, the Galaxies S8 / S8 +.

Mockup of Comparison between Galaxy S8, “iPhone 8” (mockup) and Galaxy S8 +

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If you enjoy a journey beyond, the reader of Guilherme Martins Schasiepen sent us a very beautiful concept of the future iPhone and even thought of some news for the iOS 11.

Check out:

Concept of “IPhone 8” concept by Guilherme Schasiepen

Published in Behance, the concept shows a carcass made of ceramic (a new “shiny black”) and a cool way to make better use of very thin-edged canvas in Ma's new system (also conceptual, since so far absolutely nothing about the iOS 11 leaked). At the Apps Phone (Phone), Contacts (Contacts) and Safari were reimagined!

The circle that would form the Touch ID, even though it is embedded in the screen, would always be lit thanks to OLED screen technology. Also, the area where Touch ID would be would be something like a “Touch Bar” to make the most of the space.

Again, it's very interesting to fantasize about new designs for both hardware and software. Although we receive nothing like the mockupsglimpsing the concepts makes us realize what might please us or when / if they are actually implemented in the next generations of handsets and operating systems.

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So, did you enjoy it? 😊

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