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New iPhone 7 campaign highlights your camera's capabilities in low light environments

New Apple campaign is on the air! I mean, not so new: this is a renewal of the campaign “Clicked with iPhone” (“Shot on iPhone”), which has been promoted by the company for a long time.

One evening on November 5, 2016, iPhone photographers scanned the globe, from the Arctic ice caves and Indonesian volcanoes to Johannesburg clubs and Shanghai rooftops. For the latest “Clicked with iPhone” campaign, Apple recruited a group of photographers to capture the twilight life at dawn using the low light camera on the iPhone 7. The people, sights and scenes they encountered throughout the night resulted in it is a spectacular exhibition of night photography, which will be shown in 25 countries starting today.

It has it all: from iPhone coupled to a drone to make images of a volcano in a frame in low light environments. The idea, obviously, is to highlight the camera capabilities of the iPhones 7/7 Plus, which has optical image stabilization (which reduces the blur associated with hand movement), an f / 1.8 aperture (which allows up to 50% more light) on the camera sensor than the iPhone 6s) and six-element lens. The sensor of the new devices also helps the lens to neutralize movement, allowing up to 3x greater exposure compared to the iPhone 6s.

Beautiful images, right? 😉