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New iPads may “delay” and be launched only in the second half, according to publication

A few days ago, we talked here about the most up-to-date rumors regarding futures iPads: now, the quasi-consensus in the speculation industry is that there will be three models announced in the near future – an update to the 12.9 ″ iPad Pro, a new 9.7 ″ that would occupy the low-cost tablet stand of the line, in addition to of a totally new model, probably 10.5 ″, without borders, as the flagship of the family. Apple Pencil should also get an update.

iPads Pro

A new report from the DigiTimes corroborates all the information above, except one: contrary to what was claimed, that the new line would be presented in the coming months (most likely in March), apparently Apple is “postponing” (quotes here, because there is no way to postpone something that has not been officially / publicly announced) the introduction of the new iPads for the second half.

Citing sources close to Apple’s supply chain in Asia, the newspaper says the new tablets are still “in the early stages of planning”, with basic elements such as internal structure still being discussed by Apple’s engineering and design teams in Cupertino. One of the factors for this “delay”, according to the publication, would be the manufacturing process for 10 nanometer processors, which would be proving to be more complex and expensive than originally planned. The new 12.9 and 10.5 inch iPads would be the receivers for the new chip (probably called “A10X”) made with the technology.

One thing is for sure: if the guess is true, Apple will unbalance the balance of launches carefully spread throughout the year – the iPad is the penultimate of Apple products with a presentation that traditionally takes place in the first half, in addition to the MacBook 12 inches. Is that really it? Let’s wait.

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