iPad Pro desmontado pela iFixit

New iPad Pro does not have the U1 chip, but does have a microphone security feature [atualizado]

Some rumors before the launch of the new iPads Pro suggested that these models would gain the U1 chip embedded in iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. This, however, in this case, according to an in-depth analysis of the iFixit.

You will see that the dismantling of the new tablets was done by the firm a few days ago, but right away there was no sign of the U1 chip in the gadget. After completing the rest of the investigation (with the removal of the “shield” from the logic board), iFixit could confirm that there is no signal from the new chip; the firm also said that there are no ultra-wide band antennas or cutouts on the tablet's chassis.

Although the U1 chip does not generally offer additional features other than improvements to the AirDrop, it is certain to be at the center of Apple's future features, as in the coming example tracking accessory “AirTags“Or in internal navigation resources with augmented reality.

Precisely for this reason, at least curious, the absence of this chip in the new iPad Pro, which have a strong focus on AR. However, if the speculation about the launch of yet another model of the tablet is true, who knows we will see the implementation of this technology in iPads (Pro) of Ma later this year.

Microphone security feature

Although they do not have the new U1 chip, the newly launched iPad Pro incorporates a security feature that previously existed only in MacBooks (Air / Pro), which disconnects the microphones when the cover is closed to prevent interception of the sound without the user knowledge.

The latest version of an Apple Platform Security document explains the feature on the tablet:

IPad models from 2020 also have a hardware microphone disconnect. When an MFi-compatible case (including those sold by Apple) connected to the iPad and closed, the microphone is disconnected in the hardware, preventing the audio data from the microphone from being made available to any software even with privileges. root or kernel on iPadOS or if the firmware is compromised.

As we said, Apple started to deploy this feature on MacBooks (2018 and later) equipped with the T2 security chip. It is worth remembering that the novelty works, so far, only in the new iPad Pro and only with the use of cases with MFi certification.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac

Update by Rafael Fischmann 04/07/2020 s 06:25

If anyone still doubted the iFixit analysis, John Gruber tried to confirm the suspicion in the Daring Fireball:

I confirmed with a little bird that I would certainly know the answer: “there is no U1 chip in the new iPad Pro” and, if there was one, Apple would have certainly told us.

Then the est.