New iPad models and possible new Apple Pencil registered in China

New iPad models and possible new Apple Pencil registered in China

The end of October is coming and with it, we may have news soon about (more) an Apple event this time, it seems, dedicated to showing news on the line. iPads and Macs. About tablets, the site MySmartPrice I've brought you some appetizing information to speculate on what (probably) awaits us in the coming weeks.

According to the site, Apple recently registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China four new product codes; three of them (A1876, A1980 and A1993) are most likely referring to the new iPads. The codes even match those seen on the Eursia Economic Commission a few months ago except the A1993, which may refer to a model unique to the Wall country (perhaps a version with support for two physical SIMs, as in the new iPhones). ).

In addition, the registration of a fourth product was identified, described only as a ‚ÄúBluetooth device‚ÄĚ and bearing the code A2051. No one knows exactly what it stands for, but all the chips bet on an updated version of the Apple pencil which, as previous rumors point out, may come with a new pairing system similar to that of the AirPods, which requires no contact whatsoever.

To know exactly what we're dealing with, of course, we'll have to wait a few more weeks. What are your bets and / or wishes?

via MacRumors