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New iPad mini leaked schemes “confirm” discreet update

The news about the death of iPad mini they were overtly overdone, and when the first rumors of a possible upgrade to Ma's smallest tablet began to emerge, much speculation was about what Apple would do to make the device attractive again. Well, the answer: apparently not much.

The idea that the new iPad mini has only a discreet upgrade of internal components, without major changes, has already been widely circulated; today, @OnLeaks known for its reliability with leaks and reliable sources at Apple sort of “confirmed” this prediction with schemas and renders of the future device.

O leaker He did not share the images, but claims that if the schemes are legitimate (which he cannot confirm 100%), the changes will be quite discreet.

I just got our hands on a supposed iPad mini 5 CAD. If it's true (I can't confirm for sure), we really won't have (as speculated) external design changes (except for the microphone, relocated to the upper center of the rear surface) . In summary, we will only have one specification update

The news may be daunting to anyone expecting a new iPad mini with design and features reminiscent of the new iPad Pro, but it makes sense: Apple apparently wants to create a product at the lowest possible cost to attract students, schools and the children's audience. Therefore, it would make sense to bring large changes and costly components to an inbound product.

The question now is whether Apple announces the new iPad mini j at its March event or whether it will be presented very discreetly by a press release at all.

via MacRumors