New iOS 13 Detector May Recognize Cats and Dogs in Photos

New iOS 13 Detector May Recognize Cats and Dogs in Photos

Apple may have made the application more, say, cute 13 machine learning capabilities by adding a new computer vision framework that enables iPhone and iPad applications detect animals in images.

In short, the new framework VNAnimalDetector Draws a green digital rectangle around any part of a photo that contains a pet and identifies it as a cat or dog.

The technology is also able to count how many photos of your furry friends you have, since the iOS Photos app has identified images of cats and dogs from several years ago in tests.

This does not mean that this feature was not possible before, but VNAnimalDetector facilitates (quite) the creation of applications with this artificial intelligence. According to Ma, this feature can be easily integrated into apps for iOS, iPadOS or macOS.

In addition, Apple's Vision base code provides a host of machine learning algorithms that can analyze images to detect faces and certain physical characteristics such as eyes, nose and mouth.

That framework It also enables the iPhone to recognize text (much like the Memos app), barcodes, and even perform a "salinity analysis" that creates a heat map that would certainly have very interesting uses in apps.

Things are getting better

via CNBC