Intel believes it will have opportunities in future iPad versions

New Intel processors offer higher performance for notebooks, but do not improve power consumption

In the last few days, several reviews of the new family of Intel mobile processors (codenameArrandale), produced within a more efficient manufacturing process than the current Core 2 Duo used by Apple on MacBooks Pro as well as by much of the PC industry. These new chips are being seen as bringing all the innovations found in current iMacs quad-core for notebooks, then one of the first positive points to note is their speed.

An example of a general benchmark between Core i5 and Core 2 Duo. Performance ranges between 19% and 29%.An example of a general benchmark between Core i5 and Core 2 Duo. Performance ranges between 19% and 29%.

As each review released by the company basically used its own benchmark, performance gains can vary between tasks / operating systems, but after reading all of them, it is possible to conclude that they can vary between 20% and 62% again, it depends a lot on the tasks and applications used. However, there are some areas where users may notice a much more significant performance increase, such as games here, AnandTech with World of Warcraft, where the Core 2 Duo lost to the new Core i5 processor by a difference of almost 130%.

In terms of energy consumption, who presented the most accurate verdict on the state of the new processors was the website Tom’s Hardware, which indicates good battery life in cases where it is not necessary to add dedicated graphics hardware to computers. In fact, the integrated graphics of the Arrandale line are good and look even better for those who use MacBooks even today with Intel GPUs, but Apple and some other manufacturers are no longer interested in working with this type of graphics solution on machines intended for arts professionals or scientific computing.

The trend is that a dedicated graphics processor will decrease the energy efficiency of the new processors, which clearly means that Apple will not update notebooks in the coming weeks. For MacBooks, everything indicates that 2010 will be the same as 2009: Intel may need to update its line in the middle of the year, bringing better battery life, for portable Macs to receive new components.

(via iClarified)