New Intel 8th Generation Processors Will Feature AMD Graphics

The market for desktop and laptop processors has long been a difficult dichotomy to overcome between Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. The world of technology, however, is an ocean of vicissitudes and it is not uncommon to see long-standing rivals come together for a common purpose or some project that would only be possible with their support. the case of this one here.

Intel announced a new 8th generation H series processor, dedicated to high performance machines for professional software or high demand games. The big news here? The new chips will come with integrated graphics from AMD, its old rival.

That said, it seems like a reasonably relevant partnership for a product that would be more of the same, but these new Intel processors are definitely impressive: they bring within the same structure the CPU, RAM and a “semi-customized” GPU from Intel. AMD, which also bears the Radeon brand here. With extreme miniaturization, the chip can be an important step toward thinner and lighter professional laptops and it still has smart power management that gives the machines a great longevity gain out of the socket.

There is not even more detail about the new chip, Intel has not even announced whether we will see some models of this series or if it produces a unique version, with no variation in the capabilities of clock. It is known, however, that the processor (or processors) has a revised version of the architecture. Kaby lake already found in the seventh generation of the 14-nanometer H series.

Speaking specifically of Macs, it's also impossible to define if Apple brings the series to any of its computers; It would be great, however, to see a high end MacBook Pro equipped with one for high performance tasks. As we well know, after all, Pro It's something that is kind of missing in today's Ma machines.

via MacRumors