New iMacs are now available for purchase in Brazil

Presented in mid-March and approved by Anatel just over a month later, the new iMacs are now available for purchase at Apple Brazil stores (online and physical).


The look of desktops remains the same, but inside a lot has changed. They come with ninth-generation Intel processors with up to eight cores and, for the first time, the option of configuring them with a Radeon Pro Vega GPU, offering a great increase in graphics and computing performance.

The 21.5 ″ model has an eight-generation Intel processor with four or, for the first time, up to six cores, offering up to 60% more performance; the 27 ″ model, as we said, for the first time comes with the ninth generation of chips with six or eight cores, which results in a performance up to 2.4x better!

The Radeon Pro Vega graphics arrive on the 21.5 ″ iMac, offering up to 80% faster performance. In the 27 ″ iMac, the performance increase is around 50% – ideal for professionals who work with heavy graphics, 3D content development, editing videos with complex effects or creating high resolution games.

4K (21.5 ″) or 5K (27 ″) screens have up to 14.7 million pixels, 1 billion colors, 500 nits brightness, a wide range of P3 colors and an optimal viewing angle, offering an immersive experience.


In Brazil, the new machines start at R $ 11,700 (entry model of the 21.5 ″ iMac with 4K screen) and R $ 15,600 (27 ″ iMac with 5K screen). There is also an entry model with a 21.5 ″ screen (non-Retina), which costs R $ 9,800.

In the US, prices start at $ 1,300 (21.5 ″ 4K iMac) and $ 1,800 (27 ″ 5K iMac); the non-Retina model costs $ 1,100.

iMac 5K with 27 inch screen


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Cash price: from R $ 8,819.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 816.58Launch: 2019

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