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New iMacs are Anatel Approved

In the same week that it launched the new iPad Air and mini and the new AirPods, Apple also updated the iMacs. And, as with tablets and headsets, Ma's new desktops have also been screened by Ma National Telecommunications Agency.

Here's the Certificate of Approval issued by Anatel for models A2115 (27 inches, 5K) and A2116 (21.5 inches, 4K):

"Certificate "Certificate

Here, photos of the models sent to the agency:

"External "External

IMacs were up to 2x faster with 9th generation Intel chips; In addition, they also won the option of Radeon Pro Vega GPUs.

In Brazil, the prices of these new ones start from R $ 11,700 (21.5 iMac input model with 4K screen) and R $ 15,600 (27 iMac with 5K screen). There is also a 21.5 screen input model (other than 4K), which comes out for $ 9,800 (this has not been updated).

In the United States, they come out at $ 1,300 (21.5 4K iMac) and $ 1,800 (27 5K iMac); this 21.5 ″ input model without 4K display costs $ 1,100.