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New iMacs and Magic Mouse are kind of "boring" with Windows running via Boot Camp

In the midst of all the great benefits of the new iMacs and Magic Mouse, there are also the famous porns, which in this case only affects Windows users through Boot Camp. More precisely, there are three support articles on the Apple website covering problems that can be encountered when running any version of Windows compatible with the Ma utility for this purpose.


The first one (TS3037) warns of the fact that the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR of the new machines is incompatible with any version of Windows for generic devices. Only the keyboard and the Magic Mouse from Apple, connected to the new iMacs as virtual USB devices in the Microsoft system, will work wirelessly through this technology.

The second (TS3038) warns of the fact that some key combinations on Apple's new Bluetooth keyboard do not work with Windows running via Boot Camp. The combinations are:

  • Brightness controls;
  • Volume controls;
  • Key Eject (to eject CDs and DVDs from SuperDrive);
  • Shortcut Control + Alt + Delete (Task Manager in Windows).

Finally, the third article (TS3039) warns that the special gestures of the Magic Mouse will not work. That is, if you need to use Windows, just be able to use the new Apple mouse to click with the right and left buttons.

It has not yet been confirmed if the problem exists in virtualization applications, but it is likely that things (will not) work the same way, at least not as long as VMwares and Parallels of life do not release updates for their software.