New horizons of fiber optics linked to content and services

PT tests 100Gbps between Lisbon and Porto

At a time when fiber optic network infrastructures are starting to materialize, the FTTH European Council believes that this is the time to take a new step, widening its focus to content and services. «People don’t know much about megabits, but about services and content. We want to show what can be done with this infrastructure,» said Karel Hensen, president of FTTH Council Europe at the opening of the conference that the organization is holding today and tomorrow in Lisbon.

Services and content are one of the main focuses of the international conference, which should bring together about 3 thousand participants and 100 exhibitors, who show their solutions in this area.

«Operators need help to develop the fiber business», justifies the president of the European council of FTTH, arguing that the content and services industry has an important role.

At the conference, the final results of the study on the development of fiber in Europe will be presented, whose preliminary data had already been advanced, placing Portugal in the ranking of the most relevant countries due to the growth carried out last year. Karel Hensen stresses that this development is unprecedented and that it happens due to regulatory transparency and the Government’s commitment.

Anacom’s President and Prime Minister José Sócrates were present at the opening session, highlighting the Government’s leader precisely that the development of high-capacity communications infrastructures is one of the priorities for Portugal, and showing satisfaction on the results obtained .

«We have the ambition to be one of the first countries in Europe to be 100% covered by New Generation Networks» underlined José Sócrates.Amado da Silva, Anacom’s president, took advantage of the opening session to remember that the creation of a clear regulatory environment, quickly, it was one of the conditions that allowed operators to invest in infrastructure. But he maintains the idea that regulation is «impartial» in relation to infrastructure and not «neutral». «There is no need to be afraid of being contaminated», he guarantees.

The president of Anacom also shared the idea that «the development of fiber in Portugal does not now depend on the part of supply but on demand and on achieving successful business models».