New HomePod, game controller, AirPowers… check out Apple’s release predictions for 2020/21

Although the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has interfered (and a lot) in Apple’s activities, there are still hopes that the company will continue with its launch / news schedule – which we don’t know what it is, but there are always those who are aware of some secret information here and there .

In this sense, we will see what devices Apple may launch this year and next, based on information released by Mark Gurman (gives Bloomberg), and leakers anonymous @ L0vetodream and @choco_bit – which have had a positive track record when it comes to Apple rumors.

While Gurman recalled his launch bets for 2020/21, the leakers mentioned above talked about other possibilities like iPad with Touch ID on the screen, new control for games Apple and the resurrected AirPower, among others.

Apple gadget family

Without further ado, let’s check it all out.


Certainly the most awaited devices for this year, the next iPhones (successors of the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models) should have several changes in the design, however the main novelty would be the implementation of the 5G.

In addition, the company is expected to expand the line of iPhones to four devices, namely:

  • 5.4 inch “iPhone 12”: OLED screen, two cameras.
  • 6.1 “iPhone 12”: OLED screen, two cameras.
  • 6.1 “iPhone 12 Pro”: more advanced OLED screen, three cameras and a ToF sensor / LiDAR scanner.
  • 6.7 inch “iPhone 12 Pro”: more advanced OLED screen, three cameras and a ToF sensor / LiDAR scanner.

According to leaker @ L0vetodream, all four possible models will support 5G, and their chips will be supplied by Qualcomm. In addition, he “confirmed” the rumors that a new navy blue color will be launched in place of midnight green.

All four “iPhone 12” will be able to support 5G networks (the base band is from Qualcomm) and have a new color “navy blue”.

MacBook Pro and Macs with ARM

Since last March, some rumors suggest that Apple will launch a new MacBook Pro, which could replace the existing 13-inch model. In addition to having the new Magic Keyboard (like the 16 ″ model and the new MacBook Air), the likely future MBP would also have a Mini-LED.

In addition, both Gurman and leaker L0vetodream pointed to the possible launch of Macs equipped with ARM chips, something that had already been speculated by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last month.

iPad with Touch ID under the screen

Earlier this year, some analysts suggested that the first gadget with Touch ID under the screen could be launched in 2020, as well as Gurman himself.

According to the leaker @ L0vetodream, the first device with this new technology could be a new iPad Air, which can not only be equipped with a Mini-LED display, but will also not have Face ID – only the Touch ID under the screen.

The new iPad Air will use Mini-LED screen, infinite screen without notch, without Face ID and with Touch ID under the screen.

HomePod and HomeKit

As for HomePod, Gurman expects Apple to launch a smaller version, cheaper, from its smart speaker – a bet that would certainly leverage the market for this device, which did not succeed.

@ renamorado95: I just purchased a second HomePod and the sound quality is incredible. I think you could use a smaller version in other environments, similar to Sonos.

@markgurman: Exactly. And the price will be at least $ 100 less, so it’s a good alternative. $ 299 is still quite expensive for the current HomePod, but better than the $ 349 starting price. They were not selling well.

In addition to a new version of HomePod, Apple would also be thinking about a big change in HomeKit, your framework for smart home devices. Currently, the technology supports 500 devices, while other manufacturers’ options are compatible with more than 100,000 products!

@alywardreed: Do you think the HomeKit update will be significant? He’s been stagnant for several years …

@markgurman: Yes – big boost to have many more devices from third parties. Apple has 500 HomeKit-compatible devices. There are more than 100 thousand for Amazon and Google.

In October of last year, inclusive, Gurman speculated that Apple would also be in the process of launching even more products that would integrate with HomeKit, such as modules that can automatically open and close windows / doors and other smart appliances, but he said these projects had been suspended.

“AirTags” and AirPods

Rumors about “AirTags”, Apple’s future tracking devices, started last year after leaks in iOS 13.2 code. Since then, information about accessories has evolved and they have been cited even in an Apple support video. Given all these indications, “AirTags” are expected to be launched this or the next quarter.

As for the AirPods, some rumors initially suggested that the company could launch two new models of wireless headsets this year; we have just commented that the first of these models could be launched next month – but this is information from the leaker Jon Prosser.

Control for games

According to leaker @ L0vetodream, Apple would also be developing its own control for games, which may be launched this year or in 2021.

Apple is developing its own gaming controller.

You will see it this year or the next.

It is worth noting that this rumor is not exactly unheard of: since 2012, it is speculated that Apple would be creating its own control for games, but this did not succeed until the launch of iOS / tvOS 13, at the end of last year, when the company added support for console controls on your gagdets.

Of course, this would also be done to leverage the company’s gaming service, which Apple Arcade, which has games that require the use of a controller.

Apple TV and Watch

Although they haven’t released any major news / changes for Apple TV and Apple Watch, Gurman and @L0vetodream expect Apple to update these gadgets. In fact, a new version of the Apple watch is released annually, but Apple TV has not gained upgrades since 2017.

Nevertheless, some past rumors suggest that this year’s Apple Watch will have a Micro-LED display (and not Mini-LED, as others gadgets) and Touch ID support. Finally, the watch may gain an oximeter-like feature, improved sleep monitoring and ECG.

Apple TV, on the other hand, could gain twice as much storage (that is, reaching up to 128GB), while tvOS 14 would include a new “Child Mode”.

AirPower (s)

Last, but (definitely) not least, the leaker @choco_bit caused a very curious rumor.

According to him, Apple may launch a new wireless charging base for a single device, in addition to another larger version, compatible with multiple devices – which was promised by AirPower original. Apparently, both products will be launched later this year.

So it looks like both the C68 and C26 are AirPower bases in testing. The C68, from @jon_prosser, is the largest, and the C26 is the smallest, for just one device (thanks @ lwq1992 for confirming).

News of a smaller version of Apple’s charging base first surfaced with Ming-Chi Kuo. He predicted, last month, that this model for just one device will be an alternative (less ambitious) to the original AirPower, which had its design canceled after overheating problems.

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And those were some of the many rumors about possible Apple launches in 2020/21… which are you most looking forward to?

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac