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New HomePod features such as Audio Handoff and ā€œAmbient Soundsā€ will arrive by the end of the year.

We had already talked about new features that would be added at an undetermined future date to the HomePod. For today Apple has updated the smart speaker page detailing the news, adding one more and putting a preview for their arrival.

Radio Stations

For starters, the feature of radio stations, added to the iOS 13 Music app and incorporating radios from around the world by providers like iHeartRadio or TuneIn, be added to HomePod on the day. September 30th (iOS 13.1 release date). This will allow you to listen to the stations through the speaker and control them through Siri.

Handoff of audio

HomePod's other new features will arrive, according to Apple, sometime in the fall, which in practice means any date by December 22 next.

Two of them had been announced before, as the Handoff of audio, which allows users to transfer a sound activity from the iPhone or iPad to the speaker. With this, when listening to music or making a call, you can simply bring your mobile device closer to HomePod to ā€œplayā€ the speaker playback.

Multiple users

Another feature that had already been announced by Apple and arriving by the end of the year the multiple user mode, which allows HomePod (and Siri) to recognize the voices of up to six people in the house and respond to each of them in a personalized way by accessing their personal libraries and sending messages to each other's contacts, for example.

Please note that the feature, at least at first, is only available in English.


Finally, there is one more new thing, by the way, Apple had not announced before. A new feature called Ambient Sounds (Ambient Sounds), allow users to easily reproduce soothing sounds such as ocean waves, singing birds, rain or the like. Being a great addition to bedtime, I imagine.

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via 9to5Mac