New hands-on images of Amazfit Sports 3 and futuristic Amazfit X released

THE Huamisub-brand Xiaomi, recently launched its new line of smartwatches with three new features. The devices will begin shipping from September to the Chinese market. New hands-on images from Amazfit Sports 3 and Amazfit X they were already publicized before they hit the market.

The two smart watches have different proposals. While Amazfit Sports 3 has a design more similar to the Amazfit Pace and Amazfit Stratos 2, more serious and elegant, the Amazfit X has a flexible rectangular screen longer, which makes the contour of the user's wrist.

In the photo gallery below you can see details of Amazfit Sports 3:

You can see that the smartwatch kept the side buttons, which help in navigating the watch's functions, especially in situations where it is wet. Your color screen Corning Gorilla Glass 3 low power reflective JDI Full-Moon 1.34 inches. He has yet another verse, the Elite Edition With a more robust coating, it promises to be more durable.


Chinese manufacturer's smartwatches arrive in stores from September

The Amazfit X has a more futuristic design, featuring a more elongated curved screen option, which allows it to have more screen and make it thinner. He made with a metallic finish with hidden electronic buttons, that were placed to replace the traditional high boats. To view larger device images, click on the icons below:

Yours flexible curved screen has 2.07 inches, being much larger than the view on other devices presented by Huami. He promises up to 244% larger display area compared to other similar devices. In addition the display has 326ppi, 100% NTSC high color saturation and even 430nits of brightness on the screen.

One of the major challenges developers faced in making the Amazfit X screen possible was the fact that board me Cannot be bent. For that, she went divided into three segments to adapt curvature. Other hardware that needed to be curved was the 220mAh lithium battery.

Amazfit Sports 3 will be available for the Chinese market in September, with values ​​between 1299 yuan (about $ 750) and 1699 yuan (about R $ 983). J o Amazfit X will be ready for market only by 2020, the value for the device has not been announced. There is no date of release to the world market for either gadget yet. Remember that the values ​​in reais are considering only the conversion to the current currency quotation, the sum of possible taxes and fees is not included.

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