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New GPU Architecture Announced by Apple Partner Could Enable 4K-Display iPhones

THE Imagination TechnologiesApple's long-time partner in the supply of graphics chips for mobile devices, today announced a news that should be beneficial to future iPhones and iPads. I'm talking about PowerVR Furian, new version of GPU architecture that brings an appetizing leap in graphics capability iGadgets and potentially opens the possibility of soon seeing a iDevice with 4K screen.

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By way of comparison, the current Rogue architecture, which equips devices like the iPhones 7/7 Plus, manufactured in a 28-nanometer process and features six cores running at 900MHz (with the possibility of making a overclocking temporary if any application requires).

Rogue and Furian Architectures Comparison

The new 7-nanometer Furian architecture is capable of handling more cores running at even faster speeds, delivering up to 35% better graphics performance over its predecessor and the ability to handle the much-known 4K resolution, as well as the ability to handle more. It's a leap for renderings at 120 frames per second.

Imagination chips have powered iOS devices since the introduction of the 2010 A4 processor, which featured on the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, second-generation Apple TV and the original iPad. In a way, if we have anybody other than Apple itself to thank for the absurd graphic evolution on our dear mobile devices over the years even allowing these devices to reach near-console processing levels for Imagination people. No wonder there have even been rumors of a possible acquisition of it from Ma.

In time: Before anyone shouts that a 4K screen on a pure ego-numerical wanking smartphone would serve to deplete the (increasingly demanding and technologically aesthetic) poor batteries even faster, without bringing real benefits, let me remind you that These high-resolution displays are a key to one of the most promising technologies in the world today: virtual reality.

That is, if Apple has any claim to enter this game at some point and numerous rumors point to it, it will have to, at some point in the future, increase the resolution of their iPhones. Now, at least, nothing else prevents her from it.

(via Cult of Mac)