New GoPro Hero 7: Store leaks images of before the official launch

The new line of GoPro Hero 7 cameras appears in gray, white and black, on a physical store display, days before the official launch.

The brand of steel camera fansGoPro were waiting for the launch of the new model – GoPro Hero 7– it should happen by the end of this month. But, a physical store seems to have revealed the novelty ahead of time.

GoPro Hero 7: 3 models with differences

The new Hero 7 appears in gray, white and black, on a store display, registered by a photo that was circulating on the social network Reddit, which has now been taken down, but not before the images were copied and started to circulate on the internet.

The new GoPro Hero 7 appears in gray, white and black

The main physical difference between the three models is the front screen, which appears only in the black version, called Hero 7 Black. The images also reveal that the new camera will be waterproof, without the need for protective accessories and can be used to a depth of 10 meters, specifications similar to the old model, Hero 6.

Although not seen in these images, it is expected that the company will launch a kind of “Gimbal” or image stabilizer accessory for the camera line.

Assuming that the images are genuine, the new GoProHero 7 look a lot like their predecessors. The main difference, however, may come in the form of renewed technical specifications.

Rising from the Ashes

THE GoPro, a California-based company, expects the Hero 7 help double your revenue generation efforts. Without going very well, the company finally released its first quarterly profit in two years in December.

Negative Karma: The “GoPro Karma” Drone was a sales disaster.

The good results came after a tumultuous period for the GoPro, where the company suffered from a disastrous attempt to enter the new drone market, dominated by Chinese DJI and other companies such as Parrot and Yuneec. The situation forced the company to enter a restructuring phase, which included layoffs and simplification your camera offerings.

The launch of Hero 6 in September last year, however, it helped the company return to blackness after several years of losses, with executives hoping that the GoPro Hero 7 it also becomes popular in a competitive market.

THE GoPro recently revealed that it has sold over 30 million steel cameras since the first model Hero HD launched in 2009.

Source: Reddit, Digital Trends.