New Google Photos ad promotes service with a light pin to 16GB iPhones

Today August 8, 2016.

Between the present date and October 7, 2011, it has been 1,768 days 1,768 days since Apple introduced the iPhone 4s, the first of its smartphones to come with a minimum of 16 GB internal memory.

We all hope that this will change with the “iPhone 7”, but while September does not arrive, it is still free for everyone to make fun of Ma and her decision at the very least questionable.

Including Google, which decided to promote its fantastic service Google Photos giving a nice pinch on the meager 16GB of entry-level iPhones.

The Mountain View giant's commercial, with Queen's suggestive classic “Don't Stop Me Now”, promotes one of the most interesting features of Google Photos, that the app's ability to erase images from the device's internal memory already saved on backup, freeing up many gigabytes of space.

Sure, the 16GB iPhone in the cited literally in no time, but let's face it: the iOS interface and this particular warning refer to no other element, in the same?

While Apple gives only 5GB of space in its free iCloud plan to save all user photos (as well as backups, email and documents in general), Google offers unlimited storage for images up to 16 megapixels, which is a plus and so much.

That is, the guys from Android tm all right to provoke.

(via MacStories)