New Google Drive Evidence Emerges

New Google Drive Evidence Emerges

Anyone who has followed Google Discovery since its creation can witness a saga of posts about Google Drive (or “Gdrive”), including the first rumors, the leak of the Platypus project (internal name) and what we believed to be its cancellation.

In the book In the Plex, by writer Steven Levy, the cancellation of GDrive is also mentioned. However, the author contextualizes the fact with a distorted view of one of the directors of Google, in which he declared the end of the files with the existence of Google Docs.

“We don’t need GDrive. Files are so 1990. I believe that we will no longer need files, ”said Sundar Pichai, now responsible for the development of Google Chrome. “When people use Google Docs, there are no more files. You can edit in the cloud without any need to get a file ”

However, new rumors presented by TechCrunch, entitled to a new clue (image below), the Google virtual drive can finally come to life and even complement the operation of Google Docs.

Based on the captured image, GDrive may work similarly to the Dropbox software, allowing files to be managed more easily between devices and the Google cloud, something very complicated for those who today prefer to work in local folders.

However, as a notification within the browser, the new GDrive system has everything to be shipped within Google Chrome, which would give Google a quick advantage and without any need for extra installations or activations.

Another very interesting detail is in a public request from Google, made just a week ago, that requested the addition of the address the Chromium HSTS list, indicating that something is really going on.

Will GDrive stop being a legend this time? Below, the software interface that was leaked in 2006.