New Google Chrome images leak on the internet

According to the blog Google Blogoscoped low images taken from private videos on YouTube demonstrating browser functionality Google Chrome. Although the images are small, you can view some of the features of Google Browser.

googlechrome2Address bar with built-in suggestion functionality.

googlechrome3Similar to Opera's "speed dial", Google Chrome will preview the sites most accessed by the user.

googlechrome4Integration with Google Gears.

googlechrome5Possibility to drag the tabs as needed by the user.

googlechrome6Google Chrome Task Manager, monitors whether certain websites may cause memory issues.

googlechrome7The “unknown” function allows you to surf the internet with greater privacy. No data be stored on the computer.

googlechrome8Address bar with search suggestions or URL.

googlechrome9As in Firefox 3, the little star next to the address bar allows you to bookmark a site.

googlechrome10Settings Menu.

googlechrome11Google Chrome display the download status at the bottom of the windows.