New Google Chrome Beta is 30% faster and implements HTML5 support

 chrome-128Google released just now a new Beta version of Google Chrome for Windows that brings some very interesting improvements. THE new version is 30% faster, also features a more responsive Omnibox, native HTML5 support and the New Page Guide currently available for alpha testers on the Mac OS X and Linux platform.

Google Chrome faster and smarter

The new Google Chrome Beta integrates a JavaScript engine V8 and SunSpider improved with 30% more speed when compared to the last stable version of the browser (launched last May).

“When opening a new page when others are also loading, Google Chrome is now able to prioritize the requests for the new page – from elements such as text, images and videos – ahead of the requests of the other Guides” explained Google.

New Pages Guide

Similar to the version made available for the recent Chromium builds for Mac OS X and Linux, the new version for Windows brings a more stylized and beautiful New Page Guide.


It is now possible to reorder the thumbnails by dragging them, viewing in list mode or even hiding the displayed contents. There is also a panel below that shows the recent activities performed in the browser such as the last closed tabs, the last downloads, access to the site history and downloads.

If you want to keep a thumbnail and prevent your browsing habit from replacing it, a “pin” option can be accessed by hovering over the thumbnail. The same action also provides access to the option to delete the thumbnails displayed in the most visited list.

Easter Egg: By clicking on the arrow above the thumbnails, there is a hidden panel called “Even More” (in Portuguese “Even More”) that displays a fun message: “What will we put here?” (“What will we put here?”). Just Google to do that. 🙂

Omnibox – the multifunctional address bar

Omnibox is considered by many to be the best feature of Chrome (there are problems that Mozilla may integrate a similar solution in Firefox 4.0). “In this version, we optimized the presentation of the drop-down menu and added small icons to help distinguish between suggestions for sites, searches, bookmarks and sites existing in the browser history.”

HTML5 support

Expected by many developers, Google has finally added native support for the possible new generation of the web, HTML5. “We started building HTML5 capability in this beta, including the tag for videos and web workers,” said Google.

If you want to test a preview of HTML5, YouTube currently has a special page ( that displays a video demo using O3D, an open-source API for the generation of 3D and interactive applications within the browser.

Theme Support

The new Beta version also has better support for themes (which explains the problems that occurred with the last beta version at the time of installation). “We launched some basic themes but there are still some folds to be worked on, but we’ll be releasing more themes in the future and adding this functionality in the stable version ”.