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New Google accounts require Gmail and Google+

In addition to the integrations that are taking place between the company's products, Google has also resolved to reduce boundaries by redesigning its account creation model, prompting users to create Gmail and Google+ accounts in a single process.

Once the standard information is entered, Google now asks users to upload an avatar to their Google+ account, as well as detail some information about the social project and how it can customize search results, ads and websites across the web.

After creating a Google+ profile, the new accreditation also notifies the user about activating a new email address, alerting them to the fact that they now have a Gmail account. For children under 18 who are signing up for an account, the process bypasses Google+ profile creation, only directing them to Gmail.

“We are working to develop a consistent application stream across different products as part of our efforts to create a wonderfully simple, intuitive interface with Google's user experience. Making the process quick and easy to create a Google Account and Google profile allows new users to take advantage of everything Google can offer, ”said a company spokesman.