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New generation of Mac mini is expected to bring support for two monitors

Being the only Apple computer that does not have support for two monitors, a new rumor suggests that the new Mac mini should bring this novelty, thanks to the addition of more powerful graphics and the use of the new Mini DisplayPort.

Supposed new Mac mini

A source linked to Apple's plans reveals that it will not only include the Mini DisplayPort for connecting displays, but also leaving a Mini DVI port on the new Mac mini. We still do not know the reason for this initiative: it is more likely that it supports both an LED Cinema Display – which also includes integrated iSight and speakers – as well as the current Cinema Displays, which should continue with the traditional DVI port.

The same source also believes in a more flexible design, which would allow a user to replace the SuperDrive with a second HD, while also adding the possibility of including 4GB of RAM. However, its design should not include black plastic, as some rumors have suggested.

The new Mac mini is expected to be released on Macworld's opening keynote next week. In addition, there are chances that iMac updates (with processor quad-core) and Mac Pro.