New free Android games for ms Maio

Apps are out of a smartphone. No matter how top it is, if it doesn't have the most useful apps for you, it is for almost nothing. And every day new apps are inserted into the Play Store. To save you the trouble of searching, we've selected the good new apps and games that came to the Google store.

Tales of Wind

An MMORPG in the best oriental style, with beautiful graphics and over 20 different game modes integrated. Your characters will evolve, and even get married, during the match, and you will be able to customize their appearance, their mounts and their pets with clothing and accessories. Defeat monsters, imprison your power card skills, and help rid the city of Laplace from the shadow of evil.

Tales Of Wind
Tales of Wind / Neocraft Limited

Download Tales of Wind on Play Store

Folding blocks

This is one of those puzzles that looks simple but not. You have to "unfold" the colored blocks to occupy all the gray spaces on the board. Easy, no? The challenge begins when blocks of other colors appear, and you need to calculate their movements to unfold them without one color overlapping another. Great for the bus queue.

Folding Composite
Folding Blocks / Popcore Games

Download Folding Blocks on Google Play

Dr. Panda Grtis Ice Cream

Dr. Panda's games are a hit with children. In this the pandinha opened an ice cream shop, and the player has to combine flavors, syrups and toppings to please their customers, animals like a polar bear or a hippo. Because it is an "open" game, with no goals or punishments, ideal for the little ones, who have difficulty understanding rules.

Dr panda
Dr. Panda Ice Cream / Dr. Panda

Download Dr. Panda Grtis Ice Cream in the Play Store

Ride out heroes

This is another "Battle Royale" in the style of Fortnite or PUBG. The highlight here is the graphics, very beautiful, and the fantasy theme: instead of climbing a jeep, your character can ride on a dragon, for example. There are five character classes (Wizard, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin, and Warrior) vying in a world that includes tropical deserts to polar plains.

Ride out heroes
Ride Out Heroes / NetEase Games

Download Ride Out Heroes on Google Play

Metal Slug Infinity

Fans of the Arcades will recognize the name. This is an Idle RPG based on the Metal Slug universe, a series of shooters that hit arcades from the mid-1990s onwards. But here the gameplay changes a bit: instead of shooting everything If it moves, the player has to combine cards to assemble a team using characters and weapons of the series to meet the challenges of each phase. Faithful graphics and music to the originals add a "nostalgia" factor to fans.

Metal Slug Infinity

Download Metal Slug Infinity on Play Store

Our April Choices

Run race

Run and win! This is what you need to do to advance between the levels of Run Race. If halfway you get behind the other surroundings you can forget, the game is restarted and you need to start all over again. The graphics are simple and there are no internal purchases, but there is publicity.

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<p style=Click here to download Run Race on Google Play

House paint

House paint can be the perfect past-home, commute, queue and pastime hobby. You need to use a cube to paint parts of the strip of different types of houses. Although it sounds like a theoretically simple game, the evolution of the stages makes practical gameplay more difficult. Download and test to better understand what I'm talking about.

housepaintagame "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" "srcset =" housepaintagame-w782.png 782w, 596w, png 450w, 336w, 300w "class = "lazyload" />
<p style=Click here to download House Paint on Google Play

Clean road

The objective of this game is to collect coins and free other vehicles so that they can follow you while addicted paves the way for them to pass. The control made on the screen with the sliding of the fingers from right to left. Super simple, but very interesting. The graphics are very simple and the gameplay engaging, with little in-game advertising. Worth the download!

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Click here to download Clean Road from Google Play

Hidey hole

This app features a number of wallpapers that match the notch of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e. You will also find some images for other types of notches, but for the S10 series the range is much larger. Before downloading you can adjust exposure, contrast, sharpness and saturation right in the app.

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<p style=Click here to download Hidey Hole on Google Play

Which app from the list will you download to meet?

The purpose of this article is to bring together all the most relevant releases from the Play Store. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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