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New features of the Galaxy S4 are not so exclusive …

Last week Samsung unveiled to the world the fourth generation of the Galaxy S line and with it, a new series of features with innovative touches. However, analyzing some of them, we realize that not all new functions are, thus, what we can call a Samsung exclusive.

Samsung copy features GS4
Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 really bring exclusive features? In what it seems … / AndroidPIT

On the day of the Galaxy S4 presentation, Samsung took to the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York, a mega production to present the new possibilities of its latest flagship. The spectacle was so grand that the tech giant almost puzzled the audience and made her believe that it was all being presented for the first time. Below you will find a relationship with the features present in the Galaxy S4 that are not exclusive to the device, as they have already appeared in other devices, from other manufacturers.

Feature: Sound and ShozWhere appeared before? HTC One

The resource Sound and Shoz of the Galaxy S4 gives a sound context to our images, so before the user takes a photo, the triggered feature records the ambient sound for 9 seconds. It turns out that this function arrived earlier by the hands of HTC. HTC One has the function HTC Zoe And, amazingly enough, there is a resemblance even in the slogan of the function "where your photo gallery comes alive …". On HTC One, you can capture a video of up to 3 seconds, such as 20 images. Already in galaxy S4, the same feature enables the user to make an image and record 9 seconds of ambient sound.

Link to video on YouTube.

Feature: Eraser Where did it appear before? HTC One

THE Eraser It is a relative camera feature of the S4, with which we can delete unwanted objects in a photo. For those who watched the video above presenting the technology HTC Zoe, this no longer seems like an exclusive feature of the GS4 camera, right? Well, the HTC UltraPixel camera also has this function.

In addition, the feature is an old acquaintance of those who use the Photoshop for Android.

Feature: Samsung Smart SwitchWhere appeared before? Sony Xperia Transfer

The Samsung Smart Switch service is also not unique to South Korea. The function helps the user when transferring contact content from the PC to a new smartphone, but has come first from Sony. Since 2012, Sony Xperia Transfer has also been helping to safely and easily transfer content and contacts to a new device from the Japanese manufacturer.

Link to video on YouTube.

Feature: Air View – Air GestureWhere appeared before? Sony Floating Touch Sole

Through Air view It's from Air gesture, users can perform functions without having to touch the device screen. Just keep your finger close to the screen at a distance of about 2 cm to perform tasks such as zooming, viewing messages, and previewing pictures from a photo album.

Turns out Sony did it first. The resource floating touch, which allows such actions, first appeared on the Sony Xperia Sola in March 2012. In the handset's promotional video, you can see how the feature works on the Xperia Sola:

Link to video on YouTube.

Feature: Knox Where did it appear before? Blackberry Z10

THE Samsung Knox The perfect resource for those who want to give their smartphone a double life: professional and personal. That is, when the user is at work, can activate the professional profile of the smartphone, with work-related apps and, when you get home, activate the personal profile, with games and personal email, thus maintaining their own privacy. Only in early 2013, Blackberry launched the Z10, its new smartphone with the function BlackBerry Balance.

Link to video on YouTube.

Feature: Samsung WatchOnOnde appeared before? HTC One

HTC One brought the feature Sense TV, with it the user can select TV channels, access the program guides, adjust the audio, among other functions, using One. In addition, the device sends notifications warning when programs specified by the user are on the air. In short, the smartphone turns into a remote control. Guess what the WatchON?

Samsung WatchON makes the GS4 turn into an infrared remote to control the TV, sound system, DVD, among other things.

After all…

… Samsung seems to have had good reason to accelerate the launch of the Galaxy S4, as it seems that the South Korean manufacturer could not wait to catch some news of its in this crowded smartphone market. However, some of them took too long to get out of Sammy's top hat and ended up as a card up the sleeve of other OEMs.

This article is not open policy against Samsung, I just want to show that everything that rene the Galaxy S4, also appears in other smartphones. Samsung's merit was to put it all together in one mobile device. On the other hand, it is also interesting to see how much the news in Samsung hands seems much more important to the public eye … is it my print or is Sammy the next Apple?

And, do you recognize another feature of the Galaxy S4 that has already been used on another smartphone? If so, let us know which one in the comments below.

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