Google Drive is finally in the air!

New features in Google Drive: content viewing and quick application

In conjunction with the arrival of Google Drive, Google is making available two new features in the product that help to optimize and edit the contents of a folder and the possibility of finding applications through a search field.

Being able to see a preview of the contents of a folder can be an easy way to find specific content that is usually in the body of a document, for example, an image or photo. In addition to this, the feature also offers a means of switching documents while a list remains fixed next to the editing screen.

“The files are cached and you can quickly switch between them without reloading the files. You can use this feature to compare documents, edit at the same time, or preview files in a shared folder, ”noted Alex Chitu of the Google Operating System.

“The sidebar can be minimized by clicking on the small arrow icon and you will still be able to click on file icons.”

To test the novelty, just right-click on a folder and select the “Open Folder” option.

Not yet available to all Google Drive users, but a search field within the document edit screen will allow you to search for a letter or word for the name of a Google Docs command and select it. For example, if you search for “n” you may see results such as “bold”, “footnotes” and other resources.