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New FaceTime bug prevents adding more participants to an individual call

O FaceTime bug took Apple by surprise. After the problem got the average, the company rushed to turn off the group video call option on its servers and days later released iOS 12.1.4 and a supplemental update for macOS to fix the issue on all devices. But not everything has been fixed, as we can see below.

Yes, you can initiate group calls with two or more people on iOS 12.1.4. It turns out that many users, when initiating a normal FaceTime call (with one person on the other side) cannot turn it into a group call (in these cases, the “Add person” option is unavailable during the call, preventing further addition). participants).

The problem is far from being a security breach (as it was before) and not preventing the use of the resource itself. Still, it's still boring.

And unlike the other problem, we will hardly see Apple releasing an iOS 12.1.5 and another update for macOS in order to fix “just” this is most likely to be implemented in iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 ( both are in the testing phase).

via AppleInsider