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New entry-level MacBook Pro delivers up to 83% better performance than predecessor

A bit of a surprise (or not), Apple launched two days ago new models of the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. This second came to fill a vacuum in the line, as the previous entry model of the Pro was still sold with outdated processors (and without the Touch Bar, which may or may not be to your advantage). The good news is that the gains of the new generation are very interesting.

As noted by MacRumors, the benchmarks of the new MacBook Pro input, equipped with the Intel Core i5-8257U of four cores, have already been registered with Geekbench. And the numbers don't lie: By looking at multi-core performance, the new machine can deliver even better performance. 83.4% higher than its predecessor, which was equipped with a Core i5 processor dual core.

In multi-core scoring, the previous generation of the incoming MacBook Pro scored 9,084 points, while the new model reached 16,665. The gains in single core comparison, meanwhile, were more discrete: 4,341 against 4,639 in the new generation gain of approximately 6.8%.

Here is the hole on the CPU of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro input: Intel Core i5-8257U. 👀

The most interesting thing about even the single core performance is clock 1.4 GHz exceeds the previous generation. The multi-core score is also impressive for $ 1,299. 💥

The new incoming MacBook Pro can be configured with a higher processor, a Core i7 as well. quad core 1.7GHz. This model only has a Geekbench record so far, with scores of 4,835 and 15,515, respectively, but we need to wait for more tests to reach a definite average performance of it.

As I always like to note in these articles, the coldness of the numbers is not always representative of the improvements of a machine. The real performance gains of new MacBooks Pro can really be felt by their buyers, and depend on their usage patterns, applications used and many other factors. Still, the numbers can give a good idea of ​​things to come, and in that case the prospects are encouraging.

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