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New drone flyover shows colorful stage in the middle of Apple Park

Who would say! After almost six months (!) Of the last video, Duncan Sinfield took courage and returned with his drone to the Apple park.

And what a surprise: although there is nothing new about the structure of the building itself, even because by the end of last year it was ready, Sinfield spotted there in the middle of the spaceship a colorful stage for a special internal event.

You could already see this β€œopen” area in the middle (no trees) in other videos, and now its purpose is more understandable. Beyond the stage itself, reflectors have been installed around the space to illuminate whatever attraction is being prepared for employees.

Unusually for Apple to bring bands / artists to perform on their campusesBut certainly a dedicated space inside Apple Park makes it all the nicer.

And, I don't know about you, but I still don't tire of appreciating the magnitude of the whole place (even though I've been there in person). Stunning.