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New CryEngine Launched by CryTek Has Linux Support

CryTek's new graphics engine enables Linux game development

CryTek announces new CryEngine with oculus Rift and Linux support, full featured for OpenGL rendering.

CryEngine for Linux

CryEngine Update Support Linux

More games may come to Linux at the hands of CryTek, the company that develops the engine responsible for the popular game Crysis, praised for its beautiful graphics.

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How to run the game Crysis on Linux

We have good news in this new version of CryEgine, here is a list with the main features of the new software:

– OpenGL Support

– Oculus Rift Support

– Full Linux Support

– A new system for working with fog and fog in games.

– Improved use of GPU cores to make processor less used

– Engine Shadow System Enhancement

– GameZero: A ready-made project to demonstrate all Engine functionality

Regarding Linux support, it is interesting to note the fact that games can still only be developed with Windows, since Engine's game editor supports this platform (for now), but games can be released to Penguin.

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