New controller for Wii arrives in Portugal in November

Nintendo will start selling the Wii Plus in Portugal next week, a controller that combines the traditional motion sensor for the console and the Wii Motion Plus, increasing the accuracy of the gameplay, without the need for extra accessories.

The solution, which is presented as “an improved Wii Remote”, arrives in Portuguese stores on November 5 (Friday), in four colors: white, black, pink and blue.

The new accessory has the same dimensions as the original Wii remote and will be compatible with the same peripherals – which are attached to the base of the remote. The price has not yet been revealed.

Blue Wii Plus

According to the manufacturer “with a way of operating in everything similar to the Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus turned on”, the Wii Remote Plus “makes players feel that the slightest movement of the wrist or arm has repercussions on the action that is running on the television screen “.

Wii Plus pink

The original controller for the console’s home entertainment console has sold more than 65.3 million units in the US alone since the launch of the Wii in 2006. The figures were announced yesterday by the manufacturer, which claims to sell about 46,000 controls per day in the country – where the Wii Plus will only arrive on the 7th of November.

According to the company, sales of accessories show that whoever has a Wii “not only likes to play, but likes to play in groups”, contrary to the “stereotype of the player who closes himself in the basement playing alone”.