New concept imagines complete renovation of the Music app on iOS 12, with Cover Flow and everything

A few days ago, we showed a concept for the iOS 12 that pleased many of you. Today, we have one more piece of creative designers who decided to put their hands and minds on the Apple operating system and imagine their near future, which here is the exclusive focus on the application Music (Music).

Everything is duly documented in the video below:

As we can see, the designers worked to make the app even more minimalist, with a good visual breathing area and sparse controls. The album art area now has a background with matching colors that moves according to the rhythm of the music being played (which I thought was really cool); the volume control based on 3D Touch, as well as the renewed feature of “enjoying” the songs (which, here, have levels so that you can love a little or a bit the music in question).

The concept also provides space for the lyrics of the music being played and a visualization mode in landscape mode, as well as the return of a resource that we all miss: Cover Flow (here, of course, adapted to the more abstract and less schematic design that Apple has adopted since iOS 7). Obviously, the designers also include the mandatory feature in every concept launched in the last two years (seriously, it should be foreseen in the contract): a dark mode, which was very cool.

And you, what did you think?

via 9to5Mac