New concept for iOS 13 focuses on a possible iPad Finder

New concept for iOS 13 focuses on a possible iPad Finder

Designers creating concepts for the future iOS 13 There is no shortage on the Internet: we have already highlighted a handful of them, covering several points that users expect in the next update of Apple's mobile operating system. Recently, the designer Daniel Korpai decided to open the task with a very particular focus: a version of the Finder for the iPad.

In Korpai's view, Finder for iPad would have several of its counterpart's abilities for Mac. Notably, the app could manage files present on your device and at external locations such as cloud services and external volumes because yes, the concept still predicts iPad will support volumes such as external HDDs and thumb drives.

Here we have a sidebar (of adjustable size) that would show your folders, volumes and cloud locations; An adaptive bar at the bottom would show the total space available in that specific volume. Finder for iPad would have tab support and would even have its own version of Quick look, for quick file viewing.

Finder would integrate seamlessly, of course, with other iPad apps and the tablet's multitasking features, allowing users to easily drag and drop files anywhere or keep a manager window in place. Slide over for quick access. It is worth noting that Korpai's concept incorporates ideas previously presented in another project, which we commented here.

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Not even Finder makes the world, the concept of Korpai adds other news that everyone wants to see on iOS. Notably, we will have a much-awaited Dark Mode here that would affect the entire interface and make Apple's mobile system even closer to macOS.

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