New complications for the Apple Watch Series 4

New complications leak to Apple Watch Series 4

With the release of watchOS 5.1.1 yesterday, Apple solved the problem of Watches that stopped working after trying to update to watchOS 5.1; together, however, the Apple ended up releasing a little more than just a correction.

The new version of the watch software also has some new complications for the new dials Infographic and Modular Infographic (from Apple Watch Series 4) which may be launched by Apple in a future update of watchOS. This is because, although it is possible to visualize the new complications, no one can actually install them (they do not work correctly).

As noted by 9to5Mac, users who are running the iOS 12.1.1 on the iPhone and the watchOS 5.1.1 on Apple Watch you can see the icons of seven new complications: Home, Mail, Maps, Messages, News (in the US only), Phone and Remote.

New complications for the Apple Watch Series 4

While it is not possible to install them and see what actions these new complications take, it can be assumed that most icons will serve as shortcuts to these watch apps instead of actually displaying complete information (such as complications that show weather conditions) or battery life) – except, of course, for the complication of the app News (News), which may display headlines and featured stories from the service’s editors.

As we said, Apple is likely to include these complications in a future update of watchOS, which indicates that Apple is listening to customer complaints and comments – some users have reported missing more complications compatible with the Apple Watch Series exclusive dials. 4.