Novo Microsoft Edge, baseado no Chromium, pode estar chegando ao Linux

New Chromium-based Microsoft Edge may be coming to Linux

At the devs conference, Build 2019, a slide shows that the new version of Edge may be coming for Linux as well.

At Build 2019, Microsoft's developer conference, the company holds several panels, and one of those was about the progress of the new Edge browser, which will use Google Chromium as a foundation, as we reported last year.  New Chromium-based Microsoft Edge may be coming to Linux Who got this slide was the people of the Neowin site. We can clearly see below that Linux (Desktop) is in the plans. I was already certain that the new Edge would be present on Windows platforms (7, 8.1 and 10), macOS and mobile platforms such as Android (Linux) and iOS. Now we can have Linux (desktop) also supported.

The video below is how Microsoft thinks about people's use of Edge.

According to Neowin, versions for macOS and Linux are important, as most web devs use these platforms. Because Microsoft wants to have your browser in as many places as possible, this strategy of launching across platforms is no wonder.

Even though it is the last platform to receive Edge, I think when it comes out it will be in Snap format and maybe the traditional .deb and .rpm.

For more details, please visit the official blog post.

In the video I launched late last year (28/12/2018), I had said that most likely Microsoft Edge would come to Linux, as well as the Office package as well. Who knows n (lol). You can check it out below.

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