New Chromecast Ultra to have Android TV and remote control

New Chromecast Ultra to have Android TV and remote control

In addition to 4K HDR quality, the new version of Chromecast Ultra will also be equipped with Android TV and should be launched with an exclusive remote control

O Chromecast an entertainment platform that has become very popular worldwide, mainly due to the ease of users in using a smartphone to watch interesting content. According to information from the 9to5Mac website, Google is preparing a new version of Chromecast Ultra to delight the most demanding consumers.

The new device is codenamed “Sabrina” and, like the first version of Ultra, be launched with support for 4K HDR and the classic technology of transmission via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The great differential of the device will be the integration with the Android TV and a remote control that must accompany the device.

New Chromecast Ultra must have Android TV and remote controlGoogle ADT-3 Developer Kit for Android TV has a remote control that should be used with Chromecast Ultra

This past Tuesday (10/3), a Google remote control was approved by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Probably the same control mentioned in that rumor. The controller will be launched with a button dedicated to Google Assistant and a microphone, so users can control content using voice.

Regarding the design of the device, the information indicates that it will be similar to the third generation Chromecast (released in 2018), but with a more modern touch.

Anyway, we must emphasize that the most important novelty in the Chromecast Ultra second generation is the intangible of the Android TV. Thus, there is no longer a need for consumers to use the smartphone to control the device, all functions can be accessed through exclusive control.

So far, Google has not revealed any official information about the device. However, everything indicates that the announcement will be made during the conference Google I / O 2020. The face-to-face event was canceled due to the coronavirus, but the company must carry out an online version to publicize its news.

Source: Toms Guide and 9to5Mac