New cases for iPhones and bracelets for Apple Watches are launched

With the launch of the iPhones XS, XS Max and Xr, and the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple also tried to update the range of accessories for such devices.

Cases for iPhones

The covers themselves (either the traditional or Folio, which has spaces for cards and documents) remain exactly the same, made of silicone or leather. The news is due to the arrival of specific models for the iPhones XS and XS Max. It is worth noting, however, that the dimensions of the iPhones X and Xs are exactly the same, so you can use the case of each other without any problem. (Update: as we explained in this post, there is a millimeter difference in the camera module of the iPhone XS that makes some iPhone X cases not fit the new device.)

Cases for iPhones Xs and Xs Max

The silicone case is available in nectarine, lavender gray, blue horizon, stone, pink sand, midnight blue, white, black and red; for leather, we have rose-pea, cape cod blue, forest green, taupe, midnight blue, brown, black and red; in Folio (also in leather), Apple offers penia pink, cape cod blue, forest green, black and red.

All covers are still unavailable for purchase in the USA and have yet to show up on Ma's Brazilian website. Prices outside were like this:

  • Silicone Case for iPhones XS and XS Max = $ 39
  • Leather case for iPhones XS and XS Max = $ 49
  • Folio Case for iPhone XS = $ 99
  • Folio Case for iPhone XS Max = $ 129

Apple Watch Bands

Even with the change in the watch case (which went from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm, with more rounded corners), the bracelets are the same. This means that if you already have a collection of them, you don't have to worry if you buy the Apple Watch Series 4. All will work perfectly on it.

Apple Watch Bands

Along with the new model of the watch, Apple also launched some new colors for the sports bracelet: nectarine, horizon blue and lavender gray; for the sports loop bracelet, we have the following new colors: cape cod blue, nectarine, hibiscus, storm gray and ndigo; in the leather case we have rose-pea, forest green, blue cape cod and red.

In the Herms collection, we have two new colors: Indigo / Craie / Orange and Bordeaux / Rose Extrme / Rose Azale. Such new colors are available for the Double Tour and Simple Tour bracelets. Finally, we have the arrival of the golden Milan style bracelet, in order to complement the new stainless steel Apple Watch in golden color.

Unlike the cases, the new bracelet colors are already listed on the Brazilian Apple website, although it is not possible to purchase them. The prices are as follows:

  • Sports bracelet or sports loop = R $ 299 (US $ 49)
  • Leather bracelet (traditional or modern clasp) = R $ 1,199 (US $ 149)
  • Herms Double Tour Bracelet = R $ 4,599 (US $ 489)
  • Herms Simple Tour Bracelet = R $ 3,399 (US $ 339)
  • Milan style bracelet = R $ 1,199 (US $ 149)

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via AppleInsider, MacRumors