New BulletTrain eXpress will cost a lot less and will have ten different colors

BulletTrain presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the new version of its BulletTrain eXpress, a kind of “enclosure” for the Apple Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad.

BulletTrain eXpress

Small changes in the design were made in this 2.0 version of the product, and what it does basically dispose of Ma's keyboard and trackpad in the format found in MacBooks (and notebooks in general: keyboard on top with the trackpad just below).

All of this can be done without BulletTrain eXpress, but the difference is that, with it, in addition to being more organized, peripherals are "stuck" however, it seems to be quite easy to remove them to change the batteries, for example.

It is a good company for your iMac or Mac mini / Pro + Apple Thunderbolt Display properly equipped with OS X Lion and its multi-touch movements.

The sale of BulletTrain eXpress will start in March and, unlike the previous version (silver, aluminum), this will have a variation of ten colors.

Their price has also been greatly reduced: from $ 140 to $ 80, but colorful summers will cost $ 100.

(via MacRumors)