iPhone XR standing

New Brazilian commercial highlights how easy it is to use the iPhone

Apple today released a new iPhone commercial – and this is the one produced in / for the Brazil! ?

The video shows a family / group of friends enjoying a carioca beach (good thing!) And doing a FaceTime on an iPhone XR. The device passes through the hands of many people, all of whom are already accustomed to the video calling feature – even the child, showing “how easy” it is to use the iPhone and iOS.

A smartphone designed to be easy to use, with the most intuitive operating system. That’s iPhone.

For those interested, the track that packs the commercial is “Mr Bongo Record Club, Vol. 1”.

iPhone XR standing

iPhone XR

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Cash price: from R $ 4,679.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 433.25Colors: red, yellow, white, coral, black and blueCapabilities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GBLaunch: September 2018

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