New Brazilian app does a ‚Äúpersonality test‚ÄĚ based on answers to a few questions

Do you like personality tests? Do you want to know a little more about yourself? How about making a cross between your behaviors and those of your friends, in order to find soulmates or opposites?

Good, there’s an app for that, and he is Brazilian.

Sorry, app not found.

Smart.Guru is a genius of modern times.

Fully tuned, all worked on social networks, full of good humor and great ideas, he will discover who you are in a few seconds.

The process of using the app is very simple and straightforward, requiring only that you use your Facebook account and answer 4-5 different questions.

At the end of the test, you can read a summary profile about your personality (free) or get the full report generated by Smart.Guru for just $ 1.

They are interesting information, which can often help in personal / professional relationships.

I am not there to do these tests every day when I come across them, but I tested the Smart.Guru and I confess that I was surprised by the need for it. ūüėä