Nova câmera da Blackmagic grava em 12K 60fps e custa U$9.995

New Blackmagic camera records at 12K 60fps and costs $ 9,995

Blackmagic Design recently introduced Ursa Mini Pro, its new camera capable of recording in high resolution with high dynamic range and native ISO of 800.

The camera supports up to 80 megapixels at 12,288 x 6,480, with the promise of an exceptional color balance developed by the company over four years. She takes native footage at 12K with a sensor capable of capturing at 60 frames per second. You can also record at 8K and 4K at 110 and 220 frames per second, respectively.

In addition, the camera includes features such as an interchangeable lens holder and two SD UHS-II SD slots. Another interesting feature that the camera encodes images using the Blackmagic RAW codec. The company claims that you can edit any 12K image using a notebook. That's because the technology was developed to facilitate 12-bit RAW workflows.

Recording RAW at 12K preserves the deepest control of details, exposure and colors during the post. With over-sampling, you get extremely sharp 8K without hard edges. Best of all, Blackmagic RAW was developed to speed up 12K in post-production and make it as easy to work with as standard HD or Ultra HD files.Official company note

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Although $ 9,995 is a steep price for most of us, if the camera is compared to high-performance models from the competition for what it offers, the value remains fair.

To take advantage of the potential of high quality cameras like this, Cascable, an application company, created the Cascable Pro Webcam, capable of transforming up to 100 cameras into Webcams. The app was recently launched for Mac and does not require any type of parts to be added to the computer for it to work. You can check out more about Cascable Pro Webcam in this news.

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