New beta version of Google Chrome 5.0 is released

After winning the third place among the most used browsers, Google released, on Tuesday afternoon, the beta version 5.0.375.29 of Google Chrome.

The new version brings a performance 30% higher than the previous beta version. Compared to the first beta version available, the current version is up to 300% more efficient than the first. The tests performed were V8 and SunSpider Benchmarks.

In addition to the extraordinary performance gain, the version released today brings already existing in the development version, such as the synchronization of favorites and user preferences (themes, home page settings and language). It is also possible, in the new version, to install and use extensions in incognito mode.

Features of the HTML5 standard are also available in the new beta, such as Geolocation APIs, App cache, file drag and drop system, as well as native Adobe Flash Player integration with the browser. The integration will be so complete that the security and stability updates of the player will be made directly by the automatic update system of the browser.

In addition to the standard tests, the Chrome team decided to do some tests … let’s say … more original. See, in the video below, the making of how the tests were done. The results will be released soon.

To try all the news, download the Chrome beta for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Thanks to Rosana Hermann for the tip!