New Asphalt 8 Airbone played on Xperia Z Ultra


Since yesterday the new version of the racing game Asphalt has been available on the Google Play Store. It brings better graphics and effects, and of course also new race tracks. I tested Asphalt 8 on Xperia Z Ultra, recm.chegado redo AndroidPIT, and now I will tell if the game delivers on the promise of the developers.

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The game on Play Store / AndroidPIT
<p>Immediately after installation, the first drastic change with respect to the previous version of the game is already recognized. The new main menu interface with selectable squares and better control with the <em>touch screen</em> I like it, although it took me a while to figure out where the race finally starts. Another welcome addition is the lack of waiting time when changing cars in the garage. Overall, menu navigation just got a lot better.</p>
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In the game there are also some news and improvements. The new cars and tracks are noteworthy, but that's just the tip of the iceberg: for the individual racer, for example, Gameloft developers have also introduced new game modes.

After getting used to the new menu and watching the tutorial, I tested the Nevada and Tokyo tracks. It's all impressive on Airbone, and it's much more fun than version 7 of the game. The graphics are spectacular, especially the visual effects of the beats – the realism of the sun reflecting off the screen after a while. loop poorly done simply sensational.

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Awesome sun flare effect on screen ... / AndroidPIT
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… and the night lights of Tokyo. / AndroidPIT

The sound effects and background music have been reworked and also improve the gaming experience. Added to this is the pleasure of playing on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra with its bright Full HD screen where the full potential of the game can be tapped.


The new features of Asphalt 8 convinced me. Cars, tracks and effects (visual and sound) have undergone substantial improvements. The app is worth every penny invested. It has never been so much fun to crash your virtual car at top speed.

You find the new game here.

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