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New Apple Watches Will Have Models Made of Titanium and Ceramic

We have already seen many rumors about future iPhones and iPads and even about the MacBook Pro; j about the Apple watch, as we talked about in the last episode of on Air, anything. Apple was managing to keep the secrets of the new generation of its watch, but now it has gotten its tongue out.

Browsing the internal files of watchOS 6, the iHelp BR discovered an interesting news related to future watches of Ma.

In the past, if you may not remember, Apple has offered versions of Watch made of gold and rose gold (in the original Apple Watch) and ceramic (in the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3) in addition to the traditional aluminum and stainless (materials with which Apple works from the original Apple Watch).

Well, the animations found within watchOS show that the company also plans to offer Apple Watches made of titanium and again from ceramics.

Titanium and Ceramic Apple Watch

The animations (ending in the images above) in question refer to the initial process of setting up Apple Watch and in them we can see the inscriptions “44MM TITANUIM" and "44MM CERAMIC“. With ceramics, as we speak, Apple has worked in the past; Titanium, however, is a welcome piece of material on the watch and one that would be most welcome.

That's because, as Marco Arment has stated, titanium watches can be made to be visually identical to those of steel, being a little darker and much lighter. It remains to be seen whether Apple offers such options in addition to existing ones (aluminum and stainless) or if some of them come in to replace current ones (exchange stainless steel for titanium, for example).

Although the images show 44mm watches, it is worth noting that the new materials will also be offered on Apple Watches 40mm.


Apple Watch Series 4 Gold

Apple Watch Series 4

in Apple

Price: Starting at R $ 3,599.10Installment Price: at up to 12x fromSizes: 40mm or 44mmMaterials: aluminum or stainlessFeatures: GPS or GPS + CellularColors: miscellaneousRelease: September 2018

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