New Apple Watch Series 4 nature dials are totally real

The general popular opinion says that Apple Watch Series 4 it was the most interesting novelty among those presented by Ma in her last keynote. Among the several novelties of the new watch, however, one did not attract much attention: the set of new dials with natural themes, which show fire, water, liquid metal or steam moving on the device's screen in a very minimalist interface.

Yes, the dials are very beautiful (in addition to being more suitable for those who want a slightly more calming experience than the new and complicated modular dial). No one imagined, however, how they had been made until now.

In a new behind-the-scenes video produced by Cool Hunting, we have proof that no, no animation or computer graphics effect was employed by Apple's video team. The folks literally set fire to the parade, melted metal, splashed steam, popped water balloons and made other misery in the studio all to get the most realistic and cinematic results possible. See s:

It is interesting to note how professionals create the effects inside a camera with the same proportions (and the same curvature at the edges) of the Apple Watch Series 4 screen, to enhance the ā€œwallā€ effect that users see when they activate the displays on their That is, the phenomena really hit the edge of the screen and come back, as if there was a tiny physical space there on your wrist.

Apple's vice president of interface design, Alan Dye, made the following statement to Hodinkee:

We could probably have done this digitally, but we actually shot everything in one studio. What I love about the fact that we did everything really is an indication of how our design team works. The point was really to bring in many of our talents to create these displays. We have, of course, art directors, color specialists and graphic designers, but also builders of models who helped make these structures that we will eventually, you know, set fire to.

It is good to note that the ā€œfullā€ versions of the new dials are exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 4, but older models of the watch that upgrade to watchOS 5 will also have nature dials in reduced and circular versions. Fantastic, isn't it?

via AppleInsider