New Apple Watch Nike + is now available for purchase

The Apple Watch Series 4 was introduced to the world on September 12 and, like the new iPhones, went on pre-sale on 9/14, hitting stores a week later, on 9/21.

Despite being practically identical to the Apple Watch Series 4, the Apple Watch Nike + most likely for strategic reasons the company will be launched a little later.

The watch created in partnership with Nike also started its pre-sale on 9/14, but only today, three weeks later, is it officially available for purchase at Ma's physical stores and all of her retail partners (as Best Buy, Nike itself and others).

What changes on the Apple Watch Nike +?

As I said, the watch that bears the brand of the sports equipment manufacturer is very, very similar to the Apple Watch Series 4 made of aluminum (either with or without cellular connectivity).

Apple Watch Nike +

In a different way, we have three things: the Nike + Run Club app is already installed and has some exclusive notifications; there are some dials and some exclusive colors; Apple Watch Nike + also come with bracelets that are different from the traditional line (although it is now possible to purchase them separately, something that previously was not possible).

Speaking of bracelets, the Nike sports loop now shines due to the use of a reflective material, so that it reflects when illuminated (which is still good for those who run very early or late at night).

Apple Watch Nike + with reflective Nike sports loop strap

Besides, we are talking about the same clock, with the same characteristics.

The cool thing is that, as it costs the same as the Apple Watch Series 4 (aluminum model), you end up having a few more options (dials and colors) without spending more for it.


For those interested, in the United States the watch costs from US $ 399 (40mm GPS model), reaching US $ 529 (GPS + Cellular 44mm model).

Remembering that, if you choose the model with cellular connectivity, it is highly recommended that you buy yours in European / Asian countries (A2007, 40mm; A2008, 44mm), as these will be the models approved and marketed here in Brazil.

Apple has not yet informed when the Apple Watch Series 4 and its variants (Apple Watch Nike + and Apple Watch Herms) will arrive in Brazil, and also did not even disclose their prices here.